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7 Customized Jewelry Secrets Everyone Should Know About

Customized Jewelry Secrets Everyone

Jewelry never goes out of style. That being said it doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you want but you do need to style it properly according to the occasion and wardrobe. When you purchase a real piece of jewelry all you can think of is how beautiful it is right? Since a lot of varieties and designs are available in the market you want to have a design that is unique to you. On special occasions, couples want to give a gift solely dedicated to their better half. Then how does a diamond solitaire ring will suffice as “special” if hundreds of other women are wearing it already?

Do you get what I mean? The urge to have a piece of jewelry that defines you is important to every individual. That’s where customized jewelry is the perfect choice of the day.

The idea of ownership of customized jewelry is surrounded by some myth so this article will provide you with everything you can learn about it.

Not based on jewelry designer

Contrary to the popular belief, custom jewelry is not specifically designed by a professional designer. Some cities like Dubai and Paris are quite popular for their peculiar designs. So if you were to buy customized jewelry in Dubai you could give a design by yourself!

All the jewelers need is a sketch or a clear photo of a design you have in mind. This way they can discuss in detail and have a clear vision about the jewelry you want to be personalized.

No store visits

Several jewelry stores are available online. You do not have to visit the physical store to order a customized ring or bracelet. As we said, you just need to give them a design or a photo. However not every jewelry provider is a pro at customization so you need to be very careful you pick as your hero.

Find the websites online, share the design, and discuss in detail the quality of the final product. Do ask the store to provide you with samples of their previous work to give you much insight about the finishing quality and so on.


Just because you plan to order a custom piece of jewelry online doesn’t mean you do not get to be involved in the process. To order a custom piece two things are important; collaboration and communication between the jeweler and the client.

They do tend to note down the details and share the progress throughout the jewelry reaction process so that the client doesn’t feel left out.

It is affordable

Oh yes! Buying yourself gold or diamond earrings, bracelets or rings is usually considered to be quite expensive right? But that is not the case with the customized jewelry. When buying online every store has standard criteria to create a personalized jewelry piece.

Since there are no middlemen involved and you are directly communicating with the jewelers, the prices are not inflated with the inventory or insurance. You do not have to pay any additional fees for the trademark otherwise that you are bound to pay. Hence, custom jewelry is affordable.

Heirloom creation

One of the best things about customized jewelry is that thanks to the new technology designing jewelry is easier than ever. So if you want to recreate a sentimental piece of jewelry lost or damaged is possible at an affordable rate.

Every generation has a piece of gold or diamond jewelry passed onto the next generation. So why not start the tradition yourself?

For instance, if you want to use a colored diamond or an intriguing gemstone as the part of the ring or earrings it can be made however you want.

Custom 3D printing

If you asked a decade ago, no one would have a clue about the 3D- printed jewelry. Now you sure can expect to make most of the advanced jewelry designs. This technique is increasingly popular among the wealthy, celebrities, and popular fashionistas, and every jewelry designer.

This has become a popular trend among the celebs and the Hollywood personas and people are following their lavish jewelry choices.

Influence of social media

The rise of visual social media sites like Pinterest and especially Instagram are popular means of online jewelry stores. You can find business accounts that provide custom jewelry designs and offer reasonable charges. New looks and styles are always in the trend and therefore the general public wants to own something new and unique for themselves.

From custom engagement rings to the custom bracelet or even body jewelry there is a demand for the customized jewelry no more than ever, whether it’s an initial pendant or a scan type bracelet. Everything is available online.

It’s cool to wear custom-designed jewelry. If you have any cool design ideas do share your experience!