May 28, 2024


Are animals insured in Spain? Make sure. In fact, depending on the breeds, it is likely that they are less insured than in other places (in the United Kingdom, without going any further, insuring the pet is very common), although it can be said that it is a growing trend.

The thing has its logic, because for many people their animals are part of their family and, in the same way, that they take care of it through insurance, they also take care of their four-legged members. However, it is more than possible that there are many people who have not even considered it.

We give you the main reasons for insurance.

1.  This first option is reserved for the case that the animal is your way of life, or is part of it. Ranchers tend to be very clear about this. When one’s income and economic life depend on an animal, it acquires the same quality as, presumably, a tractor, and is usually insured for the same reasons.

2. They bite, (read spider, kick, cornea …), and, as you can imagine, the responsibility for the damage caused by moving the jaws is not for him, but rather for you who are his owner. Spanish legislation is clear in establishing, in general, that the owner of an animal is responsible for the consequences generated if he starts doing the goat. We already know that yours “does nothing” and “is a good guy”; but it is an animal, and that means that no matter how good it is, the same thing one day will cross the cables. The good news is that you are likely to be insured even before you have the animal.

Among the normal coverage of your home insurance is precisely that of civil liability, which covers you against the damages that you may cause as the head of the family; those caused by your pet are normally included in the list. Of course, in the event that you have an objectively dangerous dog (the breeds vary sometimes from one autonomous community to another; in some, the rule is not limited to dogs), it is likely that in the territory where you reside they will require a specific liability insurance for the animal ; You should check if the coverage limits of the policy reach you in that case. No matter how good the animal is, it can react in an unpredictable way to certain situations

3. Because sick. Sometimes veterinarians cost a fortune, and somehow insurance covering veterinary benefits becomes health insurance, only for animals.

4. Your animal can be lost, or even stolen. In that case you will want to look for it (which has some expenses) and, if you find it, recover it.

5. You may not be able to attend to him one day, for example because you have to be hospitalized for a season. In this case, you will need to host it somewhere.

6. This motive, even if you don’t think about it, you should know that it is there. The truth is that animals, like people, die. In the event of death, you may want to receive compensation for it, in addition to receiving a service so that your partner can receive it and treat it as insurance it deserves.